Blogs to Help Graduates Find Jobs, Boost Careers or Go It Alone

 Help Graduates Find Jobs

Help Graduates Find Jobs
Help Graduates Find Jobs

Graduating, for all its excitement, is just the first step on the road towards your career, and in today’s harsh economic climate it’s not always simple to find your dream job, despite your years of study. Help of one sort or another is at hand from these hand picked graduate job seeker blogs:

Guerilla Job Hunting – 

Traditional job hunting strategies are simply not enough in today’s digital world. This blog from highly successful executive recruiter David Perry gives job seekers the low down on integrating social media, smart phones, video and more into your hunt for that dream position.

Lindsey Pollak – 

Lindsey is an internationally recognized expert on next generation career trends. Her blog teems with advice about getting from college to career, including posts on handing generational conflict, managing your personal branding and getting stuck into networking, both online and real life.

LinkedIn Blog – 

LinkedIn can be one of the most useful social media tools for graduate job seekers, but it can be a little bit baffling when you first begin. Their official blog has plenty of advice, tips and how-tos, with many posts directly targeting job seekers and intending to show you exactly how you can use this network to further your career options.

Secrets of the Job Hunt – 

This collaborative blog is full of practical advice from real job seekers. Learn what they did right – and what they did wrong – and find out how to apply this advice to your own life.

Life After College – 

Jenny Blake’s refreshing blog is the full package for recent graduates. As well as plenty of career advice and job seeking tips, there is plenty to read about making the most of other areas of your life too, from happiness to relationships and health, money and personal goals. Jenny is a former high flying Google manager who took the leap into a new career herself, so she knows what she’s talking about.

Simply Hired – 

This blog accompanies the major job seeking site of the same name, which now operates across 17 countries. Big name career experts write here, providing short but useful posts on all manner of job hunting topics, from preparing your resume to how (not) to ask for a raise.

Monster Working – 

Another blog by a major player in the online job search market, again with plenty of expert contributors making their mark. As well as sound job search advice and guidance, you’ll find information on social media and career management; there’s also a regular “cool job” section for career inspiration when all else fails!

Graduate Fog – 

Billed as a career guide for baffled graduates, this British blog is full of relevant news and advice, as well as regular debates on topics like internships, taking money from your parents, unemployment in the recession and how to stay motivated when things are not going well.

Student Branding – 

Dan Schwabel explains how the concept of personal branding can work for students; this blog’s infectious enthusiasm will have you cleaning up your tweets, reworking your Facebook profile and networking your little knees off in no time at all.

Epic Launch – 

You don’t actually have to find a job. As such. This inspirational blog is written by and for young entrepreneurs, and will help you go your own way and set up your own business, if you so choose, with advice from those who have been there and those who are doing it right now.