Are Psychology Graduate Schools for You?

 Psychology Graduate Schools 

Graduate Schools
Graduate Schools

With the busy and stressful lifestyles of the average person today there is an ever growing demand for psychologist to assist people in developing coping strategies and skills to live a happier life so Psychology graduate schools. If you are interested in helping people and their families overcome some of life’s difficulties then a Psychology graduate schools is the place to receive a well-rounded practical education and training for a career as a psychologist.

Are You Up to the Challenge?

However, pursuing an education in psychology can be mentally and financially challenging. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the student applying to Psychology graduate schools to sincerely consider researching the requirements for successfully completing such an education program before applying such a course. Psychology graduate schools, located all over the United States, offer a variety of degree and certificate programs, one of which will meet your educational ambitions and needs.  Moreover, the career departments of psychology graduate schools will assist in placing you in the work force.

Different Orientations

The theoretical orientation of Psychology graduate schools differs from school to school. The curriculum in one may more of a humanistic orientation, while another may be more behaviorally oriented. Many Psychology graduate schools also participate in internship program in hospitals, counseling centers, and mental health centers. As you can see each of the Psychology graduate schools will have a slightly different emphasis, but similar basic educational requirements, such as Math, English and critical thinking. When selecting your school of choice, the schools emphasis and basic requirement must be considered.  

Are You Certain About a Certificate?

Certificate programs are not graduate programs. Often, these certificate programs can be completed while you are an undergraduate. Generally, these programs are composed of core educational courses directly related to specific areas within the field of Psychology. As part of the certificate requirement, these programs often require some field and hands on experience in the form of internships. As you search for Psychology graduate schools you need to be aware that the types of Psychology certificate programs vary from institution to institution.


Some Psychology graduate schools offer specialist degree programs. The requirements of these specialized programs is similar to a Master’s degree program, with the exception that the student must complete an additional year of study at Psychology graduate schools along with a specialized internship in a specific are within the field of Psychology.

All the doctoral Psychology graduate school programs are accredited by the American Psychological Association. This accreditation assures that the student will receive quality training and education from qualified professors and instructors. Generally, accreditation does not apply to certificate programs or any other that is not a professional degree program in Psychology graduate schools.